For more info on A-Round-Again Kids, please send an e-mail to  Also, if you would like us to call you, please include a phone number in the e-mail.

Deadline to enter inventory is Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 8:00 am. (Before you can use this link, you need to register first.  Please see the REGISTER NOW! page.)

HERE to print a flier to give out to family and friends.

A-Round-Again Kids Consignment Sale

Tagging Your Items

Somethings you will need to have on hand:
        Safety pins--NO Straight pins
        Plastic bags
        Clear packaging tape--NO Scotch tape
        Hole puncher  (optional)

Minimum price is $1.00.  Please price in 50-cent increments.  Remember we can't take 1/2 of 25 cents.  When considering a price for your clothes, think about how much you would pay for the item.  We recommend 20-60% of the original price if the item is in excellent condition. Just keep in mind how much you used it and what condition it is in now.

Size: Use real sizes only (not S, M, or L or lbs). If you have an item that is a 4T but it fits like a 3T then size it as 3T so we can put it with the best fitting size.

All hangers must face the same direction (like a question mark "?" opened to the left). Tags should be secured with normal or larger safety pins to the garment's left shoulder (on your right as you look at the item). NO EXTRA SMALL SAFETY PINS, STRAIGHT PINS, TAGGING GUNS OR STAPLES!  You can use a small single hole punch in the tag and have the safety pin be horizontal.

Description: Details help sell an item. Include: Number of pieces, brand name, # of times worn (new, barely worn) if applicable, and brief description.