For more info on A-Round-Again Kids, please send an e-mail to  Also, if you would like us to call you, please include a phone number in the e-mail.

Deadline to enter inventory is Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 8:00 am. (Before you can use this link, you need to register first.  Please see the REGISTER NOW! page.)

HERE to print a flier to give out to family and friends.

A-Round-Again Kids Consignment Sale


Sellers keep 55% to 75% of their sales depending on the number shifts you volunteer, less $8.00 registration fee.  Each seller can bring up to 400 items per seller number. 

To register please click on one of the follow links:

ATTENTION ALL SELLERS---The $8.00 non-refundable registration fee is payable at time of registration.  If you refer a new seller to A-Round-Again Kids, your registration fee is FREE for that sale.  It will be refunded in your check.

Earning checks should be ready on Saturday afternoon at 6:00pm.  If not, they will be mailed to you the following week.

We use a computer generated tagging system by MY SALE MANAGER.  All tags must be printed on white or ivory cardstock (65 lb or 110 lb).  Regular copy paper will not be accepted! 

What is my percentage of the sale and when will I receive my check?
You will receive 55 to 75% of your sales.  Your check will be calculated as follows minus any fees owed.  Your check should be mailed within 10 days after the sale and probably most likely sooner.

Shift worked
Pre-shop Time
Percentage of sales
3 or more shifts
Thurs, 5:00 pm to 8:30
75% of your sales
2 Shifts
Thurs, 6:00 pm to 8:30
70% of your sales
1 Shift
Thurs, 7:00 pm to 8:30
65% of your sales
Consign Only
No Pre-Shop Time
55% of your sales

Do you change prices?
No, we contract with you, the seller, that we will sell the item(s) at the stated price. However, we do offer a half price sale on Saturday for yours items if you choose.  Items marked “reduce ” will be sold at half off on Saturday.

Check in, drop off and pick up procedures:
When you come to drop off, you will check-in at our check-in desk, and fill out any necessary paper work. Then you will be ready for clothes and equipment review. We review your items as you wait or call leave and come back and pickup any unacceptable items.  Please do not be offended if we do not accept all your items.  It is very easy to miss a small stain or mark on the clothing. Any items not deemed appropriate for the sale will be given back to you.

You will need to assemble and set up any items that need assembling (for example: pack-n-plays, highchairs, playhouses, infant swings etc).  Make sure you bring any necessary tools for assembly.

Consignors planning to pick up items after the sale are encouraged to leave a box/bin labeled with your seller ID and last name (no lids, please) for sorters to fill with unsold items. These will be returned to you at pick up.

Pick-up of unsold items begin at 6:00 pm on Saturday.  Anything items left after 7:00 pm or sooner will be donated to Urban Ark or to local charity unless prior arrangements have been made.

That's it. We will take care of the rest.