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Deadline to enter inventory is Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 8:00 am. (Before you can use this link, you need to register first.  Please see the REGISTER NOW! page.)

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A-Round-Again Kids Consignment Sale

Play Clothes

Play Clothes

Please separate play clothes from the gently used and new items.  Play clothes cannot be over $3.00.  We will not longer be reprinting tags for play clothes at check-in.  Please inspect your items very carefully.  Anything over $3.00 that is consider play clothes will be returned to you.

Play clothes are defined as clothes that are in great shape with one or two small blemishes. No bigger than a dime.

Play clothes will be limited to 25 items per seller. Blue dots for the tags will be provided at check in.

All clothes need to be clean with no musty, smoky or mildew smell and in style.  All buttons, snaps, and zippers must work. Also, no holes, rips or tears.