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A-Round-Again Kids Consignment Sale

Accepted Items

We take great pride in providing an opportunity to by high quality, brand name items at discount prices. For this reason, we have the following guidelines for acceptable items at our sales:

CLOTHES—All Seasons
Clothes must be current and in style. They should be clean, stain-free, without damage, and pleasant smelling.
We will accept girl's clothing from newborn to size 18 and boy's from newborn size 20.

We accept infant and toddler shoes size 0-13 and children’s shoes size 1-5. Shoes must be clean top, inside, and bottom. They must be in EXCELLENT (like new) condition to be accepted -- no missing shoe laces, scuffed toes, or bad smell. We are very particular about the shoes that we allow to be sold.

Toys must be clean and in working condition. Please clean off scuffs, crayon marks, etc. with wipes and remove dirt and fingerprints. We will not accept toys that are broken or have missing parts. Toys must be functioning and include batteries to be sold. We will test EVERY toy at drop off. Items without batteries or that do not work will sent back with you. Batteries from the dollar store are totally acceptable.

No Happy Meal or fast food toys.

We only accept stuffed animals of popular characters (ie: Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Elmo, Dora, etc.) or ones that do something or make sounds. Ty Beanie Babies, Webkinz and Build-A-Bear (with clothes) are also acceptable.

Large toys and outdoor play equipment must be reasonably clean, free of dirt and internal water. Bring your kitchens, child size desks, tables, chairs, slides, swings, sand boxes, water tables, play houses, ride-on toys, wagons, etc. from Little Tikes or Step 2. These are hot sellers! You must include all pieces. Clean them as best you can. Magic erasers work wonders on these!

No recalled toys, damaged toys, or items that could be considered dangerous will be accepted.

We will only accept books with undamaged covers, free of writing and without torn pages. Books need to be a zip lock bag with tag taped to the outside.

BABY GEAR—Exercisers, High Chairs, Swings, Bouncy Seats, Pack n Plays, Gliders/Rocking chairs
Baby gear and equipment should be clean, functioning and have all the necessary parts and batteries. We will test each item at drop off to make sure it is working properly. Batteries from the dollar store are acceptable.

No recalled gear, damaged gear, or items that could be considered dangerous.

Only decor that is appropriate for a nursery or child’s room will be accepted. Crib and bedding sets MUST be hung or bagged in zippered bedding bags or oversized zip lock bags. Bedding and décor should be no more than five years old. Please label all bedding bags with all the pieces that are included with it.

Due to recent government guidelines, we cannot accept cribs manufactured prior to July 2011.

We will not accept any car seats older than seven (7) years old. The car seat pads and straps MUST be cleaned and stain-free. A car seat affidavit will be required at drop off.

Maternity Clothing
Used underwear, unless it is in an unopened package
Children's metal jewelry
Happy Meal and fast food toys
Cribs that do not comply with new CPSC Guidelines (manufactured after June 28, 2011 or they must have a certificate of compliance from manufacturer)
Breast pumps
VHS tapes
Broken or dirty items
Pacifiers or bottle nipples (unless in new, unopened packages)
Opened or expired cans of infant formula
Any recalled item

Please keep in mind our sales are designed for the savvy mom who is looking for high quality items at great prices. We will check all of your items at drop-off to maintain high standards for our shoppers. Please do not be offended if we return some items to you at drop-off. Stains can show up in different light. We want our shoppers to have the confidence that they are taking quality merchandise home that is tear and stain-free. We thank you in advance for your understanding

If you are not certain if an item has been recalled or not, please check the 
Consumer Products  Safety Commission's ( website for a list of recalled items. Please note that it is against the law to sell recalled items, so we cannot accept any items that have been recalled unless they have been fixed according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

Accepted Items