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Deadline to enter inventory is Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 8:00 am. (Before you can use this link, you need to register first.  Please see the REGISTER NOW! page.)

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A-Round-Again Kids Consignment Sale

Item Preparation

​​Item Preparation

Please take the time to review this information carefully, even if you've consigned with us before as some guidelines have changed. This will save you time and ensure you make the most of your sales.  Pay careful attention to the acceptable items list.

Clothing must be washed, free of stains, tears and excessive wear.

Please use the correct size hanger to hanger your items.  Small hangers for smaller size clothes and larger hangers for the larger size clothes.  Please do not use small hangers for the larger size clothes because they will not stay on the hangers.

Tags need to be place on the clothes as shown below with hangers facing to the left--like a question mark. Tags should be secured with normal or larger safety pins to the garment's left shoulder (on your right as you look at the item). NO EXTRA SMALL SAFETY PINS, STRAIGHT PINS, TAGGING GUNS OR STAPLES!  You can use a small single hole punch in the tag and have the safety pin be horizontal.

Non clothing items need to in a zip lock bag (if possible) with the tag taped to the outside of the bag with packaging tape.

Use packaging tape to secure tags only when safety pins or bags will not work (large items).


Seal zip lock bags shut. We want to make sure no little hands get inside the zipper bags and take out items.  Do not use packaging tape to seal the bags.

Shoes need to be placed in a zip lock bag with the tag taped to the outside.

Please recheck to make sure DVD’s, computer games, CD’s are in their cases and that puzzles and games have all their pieces. There is nothing more frustrating than to buy puzzles and games and find out when you get home they have missing pieces!

All consigned items must be clean, pleasant smelling and in WORKING order with batteries!

To keep our reputation of high quality items, we depend on you, the seller, to screen your items. Take a little more time cleaning items and you can probably ask more for them.

Make your items look brand new. The more time you take to wash and iron your clothing, the better it will look to a buyer.

Make sure to button all buttons, snap snaps, tie bows and zip zippers!

Matching accessories should be secured with safety pins (i.e. bows, belts, bibs).

Car seats must not be experienced or older than 7 years.

We do inspect all items at drop-off. We reserve the right to refuse any item due to being outdated, unclean, stained or ripped.

Buyers and sellers appreciate strict high standards.

Make sure the manufacturer has not recalled your car seat and items. This information can be found at the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission's